Sean Sandusky is an artist, curator, and writer based in Tkaronto of South Asian and European descent who is from Honolulu, Hawaiʻi originally. Being Mixed Race and having moved one political, environmental, cultural place to another a lot of what Sean  generates from is a disassociation of personal identity as it relates to a larger conversation within an international society. Using a multi-disciplinary effort mostly of Installation, Poetry, Sculpture, Performance, Video, Photography, Graphic Design, Research, Drawing and Fashion, Sean uses many of these mediums to create elements that come together as a much larger work. From being interested in the subject of world building, Sean uses large environments to make work that sits upon ideas of parallel universe based story telling also creating a space to explore complex identity forms. This is done by opening conversations of race, gender identity,  sexuality, land, ability/disability, political ideology, South Asian cultural heritage, used material, and social conditioning. What all these elements usually come out is usually large either physically or topically colourful works based in a language of accessible conceptualism.





OCAD University 

BFA Crticism & Curatorial Practice 2021

Selected Group Exhibitions/Screenings/Performances:

2015 XPACE Screening Night, XPACE Cultural Centre, Toronto, Canada

2015 LEGS TOO, Artscape Sandbox 2015, Toronto, Canada

2016 Augmentented Cinema 4, The Royal Cinema, Toronto, Canada

2016 It’s Still Privileged Art, Urbanspace Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2017 DUTY-FREE MAG LAUNCH, Whitehouse Studio Project, Toronto, Canada

2018 INTAC CANADA-JAPAN EXHIBITION, Osaka University of Arts, Osaka, Japan

2018 RE//VERB, Ignite Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2018 INTAC INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION, Samtan Artmine, Jeongseon, South Korea

2018 XPACE ANNUAL FUNDRAISER 2018, XPACE Cultural Centre, Toronto, Canada

2019 Group Experiments, Margins of Eras Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2019 Networked Justice, Trinity Square Video, Toronto, Canada

2019 Gucci Could Never, XPACE Cultural Centre, Toronto, Canada

2019 messmates, Ada Slaight Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Curatorial Projects:

2016 Political Candy, Studio 223A, Toronto Canada

2017 Soul: Thrifted curated alongside Erika Comtois and Leaf Jerelifia, Ada Slaight Gallery, Toronto Canada

2018 Veins of Existence: Beyond Survival, XPACE Cultural Centre, Toronto, Canada

2021 Queersphere curated alongside Dana Snow, Inter/Access Gallery, Toronto, Canada.


Artist Talks:

2019 Challenging Norms: Sculptures By Sean Sandusky, Trinity Square Video, Toronto, Canada

Curatorial Seminars & Tours:

2021 Queersphere: Guest Seminar in Criticism & Curatorial Practice Undergraduate Course Thesis: Presentation alongside Dana Snow taught by Francisco Fernando-Granados & Andrea Fatona, OCAD Univeristy, Toronto, Canada.

2021 Queersphere: Curatorial Tour alongside Dana Snow, Inter/Access Gallery, Toronto Canada.

Community Organizing:

Queer Dream Chats, OCADU Queer Publishing Project. Co-Facilitator. OCAD U. November 2015, Toronto Canada.

DAMNED IF YOU DO: A conversation on the Politics of Refusal, Whippersnapper PEERS. Co-Facilitator. The Theatre Place. May 2016, Toronto, Canada.

Decolonial Soup. XPACE Cultural Centre. Co-Facilitator. November 2016, Toronto, Canada.


2016 PEERS program, Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto Canada.

2017 OCADU Nomadic Residency with Tania Bruguera, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada.

2019 Themed Commission: Networked Justice, Trinity Square Video, Toronto, Canada.


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